Thursday, August 12, 2010

My experience of riding the CPR

The Colorado Peace Ride? It’s a 238-mile bicycle ride in the mountains to raise money for non-profit organizations.

I said, “Sure. I’ll do it.”

I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was twelve years old, but I was up for the challenge. I had no idea what I was getting into. After all, it’s just about riding a bike, right?

I trained consistently for six months, mostly on weekends when I wasn’t working. I began to feel burned-out at 4 months of training, and shared with my teacher what I was feeling. She asked me, “What are you thinking about when you’re riding? Are you praying? Maybe you should try doing that.”

I did, and it made a world of difference in my training. Instead of feeling exhausted after many hours of riding, focusing on something meaningful outside of myself gave me tons of energy. I felt a real sense of accomplishment after riding that had an impact that was beyond a physical or mental experience. For the first time in my months of training, riders around me would smile at me, or say hello. It seemed as if my prayer work also gave them energy and encouragement on long climbs uphill, even if it wasn’t them that I was praying for.

While on my training rides, I often pondered, “What is the Peace Ride? What does it mean to ‘Be the Peace, Be the Ride’?” When going inside to find the answer, I was surprised to find that when I felt that place of peace inside of myself, I felt so much inspiration, love, and joy. It seemed that the mountains, the trees, and all of nature around me responded back to me as if encouraging and cheering me on to connect more deeply with that place inside of myself. I began to get a sense of what this Peace Ride was about and was in awe knowing that if a few hundred people got together to ride while feeling this immense peace and love I was witnessing… REAL, positive change could actually affect this planet. Wow…

The Peace Ride finally came, and went. I feel like a different person, as if I’ve gone through some kind of massive transformation. I’m not talking about being proud of a big physical accomplishment, or getting a badge for completing a ride. I’m talking about feeling more peace, clarity, and heart-opening than I’ve felt in a long time, if ever this much. I’m not so sure what happened to me, when it happened over the four days of riding, or how it happened. I just know that all my sweat and hard work in the months before were well worth this ride that I will never forget.

Now, if we can only bring this level of consciousness and experience of peace to riders, organized rides, and communities around the world… How cool would that be??
Christine, Denver Cyclist

Thursday, July 22, 2010

There are some things you can't tell people...

There are some things you can't tell people without them thinking that you're crazy. That late at night you put on zebra print tights and work out to old Richard Simmons videos, for instance. Or that you prefer eating Oreo cookies without milk. And apparently telling people you cycle 40 or more miles at one time, on purpose, and without someone chasing you at gunpoint falls in that category. I went for an 80-mile ride yesterday and at one of my pit stops at the local gas station to pick up water, Gatorade and cookies, I explained to the owner what I was doing. I have never seen anyone look at me with such disbelief – except when I tried to convince my neighbor that despite the fact that my baseball was indeed in her living room (and yes I was wearing my baseball glove and mysteriously had no ball and yes there was a ball sized hold in her window) that I was most certainly not at fault. And then today I stopped at a local pizza shop to pick up some water and spoke with a guy there and explained I was riding 40 miles, after which he looked at me as if I had told him that I like to go into the basement and beat myself in the head with my bicycle pump!

What is it that drives us to cycle 240 miles in 4 days for the Colorado Peace Ride? Are we insane? Are we driven to help the people around us in any way we can, because we know that we are blessed with more than we deserve and we want to give something back? Are we missing some chemical in our brain that tells you to stop when your thigh muscles start cramping and your neck is sending you messages that feel an awful lot like curses?
Honestly, I am not sure what the answer is. I imagine it’s a mixture of all of those things and more. What I do know is that the Peace Ride is just 2 weeks away and I am totally stoked. I cannot wait to get there and be with 150 other people who are as caring and insane as I am. I cannot wait to be part of an event that not only has a good, daring and inspiring mission, but that lives what it seeks to create. The Colorado Peace Ride is run by a group of volunteers who are committed to peace inside and out, and it shows in every aspect of the ride. They have volunteers that go out each morning and literally sweep the route with brooms and mark the holes to make it easier for us to ride. Seriously, they sweep the road of broken glass and debris. And they do it cheerfully. (I am not sure who is crazier). But I am thrilled that they do it, and I’m incredibly grateful and happy to be a part of this event.

If you aren't riding with us or volunteering for the ride this year and your friends call you things like crazy, looney, tree hugger, or do-gooder, join us. We can all be crazy together while we bring some much needed peace to this world that has come to think of violence, poverty and selfishness as normal. ~Deacon Joseph

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why cyclists are riding CPR along the San Juan Skyway...

When it comes to bicycle tours, there’s no place like Colorado. And when it comes to routes, there’s none like the San Juan Skyway, a 238-mile loop that links Durango, Telluride, Ouray and Dolores. Always included in the country’s 10 most scenic routes, the Skyway is the mother lode of mountain beauty. If you ever bike it, you never forget it, and you never stop wanting to do it again – to grunt up Red Mountain Pass and come screaming down into the cupped hamlet of Ouray where you can soak for hours in the huge hot springs pool. Who could ever forget biking into Telluride to see why the rich and famous vacation in this spectacular tourist haven? And who would miss the pastoral beauty of Dolores along the famed Dolores River, looking south to the rock fortress that is Mesa Verde. The air is different here – scintillating, clear, and some say, “Spiritual.”

Now cyclists can experience this wonder of all mountain places on the Colorado Peace Ride, aptly named for the Peace of the majestic surroundings as well as the cause that inspires the ride. They will ride to support charities that make life better for all – our environment, women and children, poor, veterans, the disabled, and communities. They will Be the Change that will bring peace to our world.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you register yet???

Don't forget to register by Tuesday, June 1 to save $75! Pass it on! We are ramping up for an amazing ride (CPR) on an amazing route (San Juan Skyway) for an amazing cause (Peace) with amazing support (you've got to come to meet us)! What more amazing things could you ask for?! Please email or call me if you have questions!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What are you thinking?!

Where is your head when you are riding? Hopefully secured by a helmet. But what about your thoughts? Do they race so fast you can't see what is in front of you or around you? Do they go blank so you can simply focus on what is before you in the moment? Are you one with your bike, the road, the trail, the space around you? Have you ever thought of thinking of positive thoughts while you ride? Do you know that what you think AFFECTS the space around you? Do you know that your mind can go where you want it to if you consciously will it to? CPR is all about being the change you want to see in the world. That change begins in your mind. It begins by visualizing what you want to seeing things how you want them to be. You have to be it first and eventually the world around you will be affected by your way of being. This starts in the mind. If enough of us are putting good stuff out there via our collective thinking, imagine what is possible. How much time are you on your bike? Why not use this time to make an impact. Zoning out is fine for a time but then make your mind useful to do good things for this ailing planet. Be the change you want to see in the world now. I would love to hear your "thoughts" in response to this post. Please share! Happy mindful riding!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Joy of Commuting!

I work from home as tour director for CPR. Two days a week I take my daughter to daycare. Weather permitting, I do this on my bike. It's a 3-mile ride both ways. The extra 10 minutes of time it takes to make the round trip are well worth it as it is absolutely a highlight of my day! While feeling the gentle burn in my legs and stretch in my lungs, I get to hear her emerging words and made up songs from behind me. She rides in a Burley trailer with lunch box in tow behind her, bottle in hand and usually a favorite toy or two. We get to see the flowers, smell the fresh air, feel the cool breeze and enjoy the view of the mountains as a backdrop to the cityscape of Denver. She gets to witness this cool mode green transportation in action - and occasionally mechanic-mommy flipping over the bike to change a tire or fix a derailleur. She just turned 2 and whenever the word "bike" is mentioned in our house or she sees an image of one, she lights up like the sun. There are many good reasons for commuting by bike. This is just one!

Here are a few great links on commuter cycling:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



BE a source of inspiration to those around you.
BE someone they can look to and say “I know its possible because you did it!”
ELEVATE someone out of their own misery.
INSPIRE others to live fully.
DITCH the disabling mindset that what the world deems impossible is really so.
LIVE AWARE that your next breath is a gift and you have been declared worthy to receive it!