Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 Great Training Tips from Colby Pearce

We’re pretty jazzed to have Olympian Colby Pearce draw up the training schedule for the Colorado Peace Ride. Colby is the former US National Track Endurance Coach and is a member of the Michelob-Ultra/Big Shark Racing Team. Check out these awesome tips, paraphrased from the man himself:
  1. UV exposure can be stronger at altitude, so don’t forget your sunscreen, you don’t want your buddies to nickname you The Human Torch all weekend.
  2. Get up, eat plate of pancakes.
  3. Get up, eat plate of pancakes, but more of them than yesterday.
  4. Keep your eyes open. If you see a small, squirrel like critter run across the road at high altitude, you are either hallucinating, or you have just seen a marmot.
  5. Hunger pangs are the reward of the hard working cyclist. Try not to dump too many donuts in the newly created stomach chasm.

I like the pancakes bit. If you don’t believe he actually put these tips in the training schedule, see it for yourself.

Got any wacky (only helpful ones should apply) training tips you’d like to add?

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Shakur Namzoff said...

I love Colby Pearce's humor. I'll be stacking up on pancakes this weekend.

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