Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Adventures of Biker Dude

Sometimes in life, things happen that you would never expect. I never wanted to be a superhero. I can't fly, I have no x-ray vision, I can't shoot webs out of my wrist (man that would be cool). But last week it happened. I was out on my first 50 mile ride, passing through the land of Suburbia, on my way back home, and it happened. I was spotted by a young boy, who in his innocence and exuberance shouted out, "Hey, biker dude!" And life hasn't been the same since. Now, when I prepare to go out riding, and I put on my spandex shorts, my ├╝ber-cool orange glasses, my red, white and blue cycling jersey, I become Biker Dude — defender of all things two-wheeled, the spandex warrior, bringing peace to a troubled world on his trusty Cannondale Caad 8.

Last weekend Biker Dude rode 50 or 60 miles, news reports vary, in beautiful Rhode Island, with his trusty peace partner, zee french cyclist Robert (pronounced with a french accent like Stephen Colbert). What a gorgeous ride through the Arcadia State Park and then down along the coast of Narragansett to Point Judith. Nourished by Powerbars, the official energy bar of Biker Dude, Biker Dude and Robert sped through the state, aided 3 stranded college students after their car broke down, and conquered the hills of Rhode Island. Why are you laughing? There are hills in RI, ok well not real hills, but RI is not as flat as its supposed to be! The ride was actually quite hilly and a great training ride.

And what better way to end a day of cycling and promoting peace among mankind, than watching my son, Lightning Boy (known in the world as Zachary) play America's greatest game, baseball, with my elder son Jonah the Fierce, wielder of the iron sword in defense of all that is good and righteous. With a come from behind win in the final inning, with lightning boy scoring the winning run, it capped off a perfect day.

Well, its time for Biker Dude (known in the non-superhero world as Shakur) to get back to work. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I totally enjoyed getting a full sense of what it was like for you to transform from your average "joe" to "Biker Dude extraordinaire"! Many blessings on your training biker dude. Stay safe out there and keep the peace!

deacontimothy said...

Awesome post, Biker Dude! Good to know that there's a superhero out there bringing the peace.

Grace Tenner said...

what I want to know is this:
does your cape slow you down and cut into your performance time?

deacontimothy said...

Yeah, I'm sure that's got to create some drag :)

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