Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virtual Bowling for Peace?!?

As part of my preparation for the Colorado Peace Ride last week, I did some virtual bowling on the Wii with some friends! But it wasn’t to improve my hand eye coordination, which apparently is deteriorating with age, as witnessed by the much more impressive bowling skills of my children and their friends. I held a Wii Sports Night fundraiser to kick off my efforts to raise money for the Peace Ride, and it was a total blast.

I drafted my sons, Jonah and Zachary, to act as personal Wii Trainers along with their friends Audrey and Winston, and invited friends over to play a variety of games on the Wii while hooked up to a projector so that we could play on a drop down movie screen. I wish I had taken pictures, but imagine the Wii hooked up to a home theater system!

About 10 friends came over and we played bowling, baseball, boxing and a very strange bird flying game on Super Monkey Ball! The game involves waving the two Wii controllers to flap your wings and gain speed and also angling the controllers to direct your bird while trying to fly between large rock faces, fly around columns and under precipices. Francine “the Aviator” Wisk somehow managed to gracefully soar through the death trap while the rest of us should have been arrested for animal cruelty!

And of course, as part of any proper Peace Ride event, there was proper nutrition provided, a birthday cake for Christopher, another cake and ice cream for good measure, cookies, pretzels, chips, Cliff bars and Powerade! We had a great time, laughed hysterically, and raised almost $100 for the Peace Ride. And I am looking forward to many more fun events. If you have any interesting fundraising experiences or ideas I would love to hear them.


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