Friday, June 5, 2009

What Inspired the Colorado Peace Ride?

The idea for the Colorado Peace Ride was inspired by a previous bike tour I completed in the north of Argentina in 1998-99. I pedaled 4,300 miles over 6 months on a fully loaded mountain bike traveling the highways, rural country roads and 16,000 foot rugged jeep ascents with all gear in tow in efforts to spread a message of environmental awareness. One decade later, while in the midst of researching grants to raise awareness for the work of the Sophia Peace Center and support for the many individuals who work in numerous ways to serve the cause of peace, I thought, hmmm, there might just be an opportunity here for another bike tour. Thus the vision for the Colorado Peace Ride was born...with a little less distance to travel and with many more cyclists in tow! There is nothing quite like committing your time and energy to train and spin up steep stretches for long periods of time to say that you care passionately about something. We wanted to pull cyclists and supporters together who care seriously about the cause of peace and to make a bold statement about it through their commitment to ride one of the most challenging and breathtaking routes in the country.

-Rev Isabelle Stone, Tour Director

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deacontimothy said...

This was great to see how the idea got started. I'm thinking 238 miles is nothing compared to 4,300. -Timothy

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