Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Countdown!

Its just 3 days before the start of the Peace Ride and I am totally psyched. I am in Denver now, helping to pack up for the trip down to Durango. We've got tons of food and everything has fallen into place to support the Ride, thanks to Reverend Isabelle and Reverend William, and all of the people volunteering for the ride.

So tomorrow, we'll have 5 cars loaded to the gills with cliff shots and cycling jerseys making the caravan from Denver to Durango. For all riders coming from lower elevations, I highly recommend starting to drink lots of water now. Get your body used to consuming more water than you think you need, cause you'll need it when you get out here.

It's hard to believe that the ride is already here. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we started preparing and training. Hopefully the many hours in the saddle, gutting it up the hills, sucking back Gatorade and trying to force one more Power Bar into my stomach will come in handy as we head up the mountains into Silverton for our first day. I had the chance to drive some of the route a few weeks back while on vacation with my children, and the route is absolutely beautiful, and will be a great challenge. You may want to check your ego with your luggage when you get on the plane, and then conveniently forgetting to retrieve it. It doesn't seem like it will be of much use out here!

On top of a great ride, with tons of volunteers making sure that the riders have all of the support and food we need, there will be a great celebration on Tuesday night. So get those bags packed and come join us for the Inaugural Colorado Peace Ride.

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