Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Joy of Commuting!

I work from home as tour director for CPR. Two days a week I take my daughter to daycare. Weather permitting, I do this on my bike. It's a 3-mile ride both ways. The extra 10 minutes of time it takes to make the round trip are well worth it as it is absolutely a highlight of my day! While feeling the gentle burn in my legs and stretch in my lungs, I get to hear her emerging words and made up songs from behind me. She rides in a Burley trailer with lunch box in tow behind her, bottle in hand and usually a favorite toy or two. We get to see the flowers, smell the fresh air, feel the cool breeze and enjoy the view of the mountains as a backdrop to the cityscape of Denver. She gets to witness this cool mode green transportation in action - and occasionally mechanic-mommy flipping over the bike to change a tire or fix a derailleur. She just turned 2 and whenever the word "bike" is mentioned in our house or she sees an image of one, she lights up like the sun. There are many good reasons for commuting by bike. This is just one!

Here are a few great links on commuter cycling:

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