Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why cyclists are riding CPR along the San Juan Skyway...

When it comes to bicycle tours, there’s no place like Colorado. And when it comes to routes, there’s none like the San Juan Skyway, a 238-mile loop that links Durango, Telluride, Ouray and Dolores. Always included in the country’s 10 most scenic routes, the Skyway is the mother lode of mountain beauty. If you ever bike it, you never forget it, and you never stop wanting to do it again – to grunt up Red Mountain Pass and come screaming down into the cupped hamlet of Ouray where you can soak for hours in the huge hot springs pool. Who could ever forget biking into Telluride to see why the rich and famous vacation in this spectacular tourist haven? And who would miss the pastoral beauty of Dolores along the famed Dolores River, looking south to the rock fortress that is Mesa Verde. The air is different here – scintillating, clear, and some say, “Spiritual.”

Now cyclists can experience this wonder of all mountain places on the Colorado Peace Ride, aptly named for the Peace of the majestic surroundings as well as the cause that inspires the ride. They will ride to support charities that make life better for all – our environment, women and children, poor, veterans, the disabled, and communities. They will Be the Change that will bring peace to our world.

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